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            The Brewery-Ana Gazette, started in late 1971, is likely the first privately-owned periodical with articles/want ads for buying and selling "breweriana", and was published for a number of years. The December, 1971 BCCA News Report had a notice that BCCA member #32 Howard P. Strohn in San Ardo, California was publishing "monthly" the Brewery-Ana Gazette for:
                     "a collector's exchange with news items and ads of collectors needs." 
     That starting time was around three years before the World Wide Beer Can Collectors publication was started by Robert Dabbs and David Harris in July, 1974 - which later became Beer Cans Monthly. 
    (As background, after starting in 1970, the non-profit groups Beer Can Collectors of America and East Coast Breweriana Asso. had newsletters for members, but the BCCA in particular had the now quaint policy against "buying and selling beer cans" at their events and in their News Report's want ads.  Such a policy left a gap for entry of a commercial publication that facilitated buying/selling among dealers and collectors of "breweriana" - The Brewery-Ana Gazette appears to have been the pioneer publication filling that gap.)